About Eternal Bride Ministries




Eternal Bride Ministries (EBM) is a non-profit , non-denominational ministry dedicated and commissioned to bring others into an awarenss of Eternity. We feel called to the Body of Christ to stir up a longing for intimacy with Jesus, our Heavenly Bridegroom and to encourage, strengthen, and establish others through the living Hope we have by living a surrendered, victorous life in Christ. We are so thankful to our Lord for all the opportunities of sharing our story of His faithfulness and comfort. 

We see how much it pleases our Father God when His children love and care for each other as He does us. As children of God and His co-workers, we endeavor to help build the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth by inviting others to prepare themselves for His return. Some of our topics include:
                                 1. The Heavenly Bridegroom and bride of Christ
                                 2. Children of the Father
                                 3. Building a house 
                                 4. The body of Christ
There are various foundational truths shared during our talks.The main ones are:
                                 1. Intimacy with God
                                 2. Trust vs. Understanding
                                 3. Honesty with God
                                 4. Loving God & others
                                 5. Eternal Life
We feel called to no specific age group, but to any who will hear. The tools we use are:
                                 1. The Word of God
                                 2. Our personal Testimony
                                 3. Song 
                                 4. Dvd's of our story in still pictures and videos
                                 5. Debbie's CD and DVD dedicated to our daughters.

  We are avaliable for Retreats,church functions, concerts or any group that would be interested in our story. Please contact us with any questions.